High Performance Hydraulic Material

High Performance Hydraulic Material is an alternative that is especially useful on slopes steeper than 2.5:1, on irregular surfaces and slopes which are particularly vulnerable to surface erosion prior to being revegetated. A High Performance Hydraulic Material reduces erosion by a) absorbing the impact of rainfall while still allowing water to filter through and b) absorbing water like a sponge to prevent overland water flow and rilling.

High Performance Hydraulic Material is applied in a process similar to hydro-seeding and may include seed and fertilizer in a one or two step application. A properly applied High Performance Hydraulic Material has continuous surface contact (100% coverage) to prevent excessive rilling. It creates a strong and durable mat of interlocking fiber strands held together by a bonding agent which is water resistant and which will withstand re-exposure to moisture without re-dissolving or losing its adhesive quality. Once dry it forms a water-absorbent protective mat which is porous and breathable, and secures soil and seed until vegetation is established.

High Performance Hydraulic Material is designed to mix and flow easily when wet and yet remain strong and insoluble once dry, protecting the soil surface from repeated rains and sheet flows.can be applied prior to a rainy season or late in the year, as it is formulated to endure the harsh conditions of heavy rains and snow.

Flexterra HP-FGM

CocoFlex ET-FGM

ProMatrix EFM

Hydro-Blanket BFM