Granite Seed offers both inorganic and organic tackifiers for gluing hydraulic mulch, straw mulch, or controlling dust.

Granite Seed can supply acrylic co-polymer based inorganic tackifiers, which have the advantage of lasting longer in wetter conditions. During a wetting event the polymer material absorbs water, which allows the tackifier to go back into solution. Upon drying there is a new seal over the soil. These products are also used for long-term (one growing season) dust control.

Another type of tackifier is guar based products.  Guar is a plant based product derived from the ground endosperm of the guar plant, treated with dispersant agents for easy mixing. 

However, a natural, plantago based tackifier has been traditionally been used by the hydraulic seeding industry for years. The most commonly used tackifier is M-Binder.


M-Binder is a botanical glue used as an aid in hydroseeding, to stabilize soils, and for dust control. M-Binder is unsurpassed as a tackifier setting the standard for the industry since the early 1970’s. It is 100% organic, made from the plantago (Plantago ovata) plant. The material used to make the glue is the protective coating of the plantago seed, known as psyllium. This outer coating’s purpose in nature is to stick the seed to the soil to improve germination. M-Binder is composed of the finely ground outer coating of this seed. It works perfectly as a tackifier, doing exactly the job that nature intended.

M-Binder may be used anywhere you need to tack straw or mulch, or control dust and erosion. M-Binder has been used for revegetation and restoration projects, fire rehabilitation, landscaping and beautification.

M-Binder may be applied as a dry powder or as a wet slurry to dry or wet surfaces. It may even be applied during rain. It does not require set-up or drying time because when it is we it is a heavy muciloid material and when dry it is a firm be rewettable membrane.

For use with wood fiber or paper mulch, apply M-Binder at 80 to 100 lbs per acre. For dust control applications, apply M-Binder at 150 to 200 lbs per acre.

Technical Specifications
Protein content 1.62
Ash content 2.70
Fiber 4.00
PH of 1% solution 6.80
Settleable solids 5.00



Product Attributes: