QuickGuard - Sterile Triticale Hybrid

A plant species that establishes itself in a previously barren environment, QuickGuard provides solutions for erosion control, allowing growing time for perennial plant establishment.

QuickGuard is the GREEN solution!

Seeding with fast germinating species may be the best means of stabilizing soils under certain conditions.

Hybrid species have been developed to be a more perfect cover crop: fast germinating with over 90% cytoplasmic sterility so that they will not compete with the more desirable native plants. Sterile Triticale Hybrid, known as QuickGuard, is one of the best cover crops available:

QuickGuard is hardy and durable, but not persistent or invasive. Adaptable to either spring or fall planting, it is cold tolerant, with good winter survival, and drought tolerant as well. In studies by the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, QuickGuard performs better than wheat on a wide range of soil conditions: dry and sandy soils, infertile soils, acid and alkaline soils, cold soils and mineral deficient or high boron soils. QuickGuard develops a dense fibrous root system and upright growth habit to stabilize soils while allowing desirable perennial species to establish.

  • Cold tolerant, able to grow under cool conditions
  • Use as a nurse crop with perennial grasses or seed alone
  • Recommended seeding rate is 8-15lbs/ac
  • Drought tolerant
  • Large seed; rapid germination (seed size similar to wheat)
  • Intended for use in semi-arid regions in the western US
  • Superior tolerance to disease, salt, and drought compared to wheat
  • Able to adapt to a wide range of soil and moisture conditions
  • Larger root mass and more efficient use of soil nutrients than wheat; holds soil and builds soil organic matter
  • Annual with over 90% cytoplasmic sterility
  • Adapts to either fall or spring planting
  • Hardy and durable, but not persistent or invasive
  • Dense fibrous root system
  • Good tolerance to foliar disease
  • Most hybrid combinations will have fair to excellent winter survival

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