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Granite Seed Company specializes in supplying seed and erosion control products for land reclamation and restoration, turf, beautification, pasture and range.

On this website you will find tools to help you plan your seeding or erosion control project for maximum success.


Plant species are described with photographs and maps of their distibution throughout the United States.

  • Erosion control products are described with guidelines for selecting products, instructions for their installation, and printable versions of the required certificates of compliance.
  • List Of prohibited And noxious weeds by state.
  • A guide to ecoregions of the United States with a handy pop-up map.
  • Technical guidelines on seed testing and labeling, site-adapted seed, and pure live seed.
  • Planting Guides for wildflowers, new turf installations, and turfgrass restoration.

An interactive Project Planner that will calculate the available species for your project. Just fill in some information about your objectives, location, soil type, precipitation, etc.


What We Do


For over 30 years, Granite Seed has been widely recognized as the largest and most respected provider of reclamation & conservation seed and erosion control products in North America. As a vertically integrated company, we understand every critical aspect of the business: seed production and collection; seed cleaning and conditioning; complex seed blending; ecological expertise; and reliable distribution and delivery.

From the most challenging projects covering tens of thousands of acres in the most hostile environments, to a single lawn or garden, Granite Seed is known for providing one-stop solutions for a wide variety of customers including contractors, corporations, government entities and homeowners.


USDA announces $40 million available to help ranchers restore sage grouse habitat. Click here to be taken to the USDA’s webpage for more information.

Attention Private Landowners! Usda Makes Funds Available For Sage Grouse Habitat Restoration


Contact us our experts are available to help with your reclamation, erosion control, turf and native seed projects.