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Revegetation & Conservation Seed

Over 600 species of native and site-adapted grasses, shrubs, wildflowers, turf grass, cover crops and wetland species for re-vegetation, range, and pasture.

Revegetation & Conservation Seed Supplier

As a best-in-class native grass seed company, we cherish the seeds we provide to our customers. After you spend time preparing your site with the right tools, you can use our seeds to move through each growing season flawlessly. Depending on your locale, events beyond your control can cause damage to the area. From unusually heavy storms to wildfires, each one has the potential to eradicate the local flora and fauna.

When such incidents arise, engaging in habitat restoration allows you to reclaim the land’s beauty. Additionally, each successful regrowth cycle makes it easier to support the area around you. At Granite Seed and Erosion Control, our selection of seeds aims to provide an extra layer of protection in several ways:

• By using species that are native to your ecoregion, you can engage in reclamation processes that help mitigate the spreading and damage of fire.
• Selecting native grasses also makes it easier for them to grow in poor conditions, which is essential when the land encounters damage.
• Approaching the team at Granite Seed and Erosion Control sooner rather than later makes it more likely that the seeding projects will succeed.
• As one of the most diverse wholesale seed companies around, our team makes it easier for you to find the right crop for your environment.

With the right revegetation mixes, it’s easier to make your land palatable for its natural wildlife. One of the most important elements of habitat restoration is developing a robust root system that supports the soil. In addition to focusing on expansive countryside environments, we provide restoration seeds that are suitable for roadsides and urban areas.

By approaching the Granite Seed and Erosion Control team with details of where you’re planting, we can provide accurate information regarding the products you need to purchase. Whether the lands are low and dry or mountainous and wet, no setting is beyond our reach.

Revegetation & Conservation Seed Products


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