2019 Seed Catalog & Technical Reference Guide

New 2019 Edition: Seed Catalog & Technical Reference Guide Online

As we approach our 30th year in business, Granite Seed is pleased to present the newest edition of our well-known seed catalog. Considered the industry-standard manual by many land managers and practitioners, this new catalog is an expression of our continued commitment to exceptional customer service.

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2019’s Seed Catalog by Granite Seed & Erosion Control


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2019’s Seed Catalog by Granite Seed & Erosion Control




Inside you will find information for approximately 800 species, varieties and source identified native collections. There is also information about quality control, terminology of the seed trade, changes in botanical taxonomy, erosion control products, planting aids and much more.


What’s New in this 2019 Seed Catalog Edition?


• Descriptions of nearly 200 new species, varieties and source identified selections.
• Revised and expanded plant summaries from the most current scientific information available.
• Recent developments in cover crops for restoring soil health and function.
• Product descriptions for the latest erosion control and planting aid technologies.
This seed catalog is intended as a technical reference guide for numerous types of seeding projects and will be useful for many years to come. Granite Seed’s highly trained staff of seed and erosion experts are available to address any questions and assist with your revegetation and erosion control needs.


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