Erosion Control Products


Erosion Control

Erosion control products help ensure the success of your seeding project by protecting the seedbed from wind and water erosion, and also by providing an environment that is conducive to seed germination and plant establishment.

Erosion Control: Blankets

Blankets stabilize soils while seedlings take root. Applications range from gradual to steep slopes, and low to high-velocity water flow channels. Erosion control blankets are available for both short-term biodegradable applications and long-term soil stabilization.
Installation of erosion control blankets is most effective where the soil surface has been properly prepared to provide a smooth surface. Blankets are available with single or double netting for increased durability.
Contact us to help you determine whether a straw, excelsior or coir blanket is right for your project

Erosion Control: Mulch

Mulches designed for hydraulic or aerial application are made from wood fiber, recycled paper, or straw. Basic hydraulic mulches are intended for short-term soil project on moderate slopes, and are blended with seed, fertilizer or other planting aides in a one-step application, or applied over the top of seed and/or fertilizer in a two-step application.
One of our seed specialists can help you determine which mulch is right for your project.

Other Erosion Control Products and Seed Planting Aids:

In addition to blankets and mulch, Granite Seed supplies other erosion control and seed planting aide products that could prove critical in helping ensure success with your project. For example, organic and inorganic tackifiers are adhesives for “gluing” hydraulic mulch, blown straw or dust to the soil surface, acting as a lubricant to provide a smooth flow during hydraulic application. In addition, turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) may be used in high-velocity water channels as a long-term or permanent solution for erosion control and revegetation. Moreover, wattles (straw, excelsior, coir, compost, etc.) are often used to reduce the length of a slope, slow water velocity, capture sediments and promote vegetation establishment. These products, along with silt fence, stakes & staples, gabion baskets, biotic soil amendments, mychorrhizal inoculum, organic fertilizer, rice hulls, and other products could be key elements to help ensure that your project achieves its maximum potential.
No other seed and erosion control company provides the depth and breadth of erosion control inventory, COMBINED with expertise, as Granite Seed and Erosion Control. Please contact any one of our specialists for assistance in determining what’s right for you and your project.

Erosion Control Products:


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