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Granite Seed Utah

With highly specialized seed distribution capabilities and the most extensive seed and erosion control inventory in North America, the team at Granite Seed and Erosion Control serves contractors, landscape architects, environmental consultants, corporations, state and federal government agencies, ranchers, small landowners, and homeowners—throughout Utah and beyond.

We offer same-day consultations, rapid delivery throughout Utah, and the most extensive line of Utah grasses, turf, forbs, shrubs, and wildflowers available anywhere in the West. Complimented by an extensive line of erosion control products, we have everything you need to turn your reclamation or beautification project into a success. Visit us or call today at 801.768.4422.


From Salt Lake City
  • Take I-15 South
  • Exit 282
  • At the bottom of the exit at the light, make a right-hand turn
  • At the very next light, make a left-hand turn onto Thanksgiving way
  • Please go through the light, and we are the first building on your right
From Orem/Provo
  • Take I-15 North
  • Exit 282
  • At the bottom of the exit at the light, make a left-hand turn
  • Get into the right-hand lane as the left-hand is turn only
  • Continue forward to Thanksgiving Way and make a Left
  • Please go through the light, and we are the second building on your right

What You Can Expect From Granite Seed

Nestled between Salt Lake City and Provo, our Utah location is conveniently located for landowners around the Beehive State.

With most of Utah’s population living around Salt Lake City, a wide range of soil erosion is occurring — especially around City Creek Canyon and the Great Salt Lake. That’s why Granite Seed offers consistent business to anyone needing erosion control seeds.

While many Utah seed companies sell seeds for erosion control, Granite Seed is set apart because of our service. When you order from us, you can expect numerous benefits like reliable shipping, excellent customer service, and a huge selection of seeds.

Reason #1: Reliable Shipping

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to improve your landscape or a rancher who needs erosion control, you need a business you can trust to send your mountain valley seed as fast as possible.

If you live in Utah, expect same-day consultations and expedited delivery. Yes, you read that right: We will help you choose the right seed within hours and have your choice delivered as a priority. Our reliable shipments ensure you can complete your project on time — and most importantly, that it’s done with top-tier seed quality.

Reason #2: Excellent Customer Service

Whether you need guidance on erosion control products or need to reorder some non-GMO seeds, our customer service is exceptional.

That’s because we understand the timeliness of battling erosion, so we diligently work to help find just the right product or solve any problems you might need help with.

If you need advice on the best seeds for your landscape, expect the best answer from the leading Utah seed company. Call us or fill out our contact form to chat with one of our experts today.

Reason #3: Comprehensive Catalog to Help You Make a Decision

When you order seeds from a giant retailer or wholesale club in your community, you risk buying poor-quality seeds that might not thrive in the Utah climate. But when you order from Granite Seed, you select seeds from a specific catalog designed for your region and gardening needs.

Our selection of native and site-adapted species focuses on plants that can grow in Utah, even if they come from around the world. That means you don’t have to worry about your plants dying from a winter freeze or being incapable of rooting in the rocky soil.

Our comprehensive catalog helps you choose the best seed to benefit your land.

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Planting Needs

Our warehouse contains seeds for crops, programs, and information to help growers and farmers make the right decision for their land and wallet. As your one-stop shop in Salt Lake City, you’ll get everything you need for seeding, erosion control, and planting aids.


With over 600 species of plants in our catalog, there’s no shortage of options for our customers to complete their projects. You can find what you’re looking for — with the guarantee that it’ll thrive in Utah soil. We don’t sell plants or seeds that can’t grow in our state, so we ensure that all our seed products are native or site-adapted to the region.

Erosion Control

Although erosion is a natural process and the reason behind breathtaking landmarks like the Grand Canyon, it can also cause expensive damage to your home and crops. Mitigating erosion is the best way to control your land and reduce the effects of nature’s processes. Consider erosion control blankets, mulch, and wattles to stabilize your ground when looking to stabilize and reduce erosion.

Planting Aids

It’s challenging for soil to wash away if you fortify the ground with deep roots in the soil — but it’s even more challenging for erosion to take control when you care for your plants. With the proper planting aids, you can save your land and reduce future damage. Try planting aids like fertilizers and rice hulls to fight against erosion in even the windiest and rainiest months.

Utah Planting Aids and Erosion Control Products from the Experts

Few companies can do what the team at Granite Seed does for our communities and farmers in Utah. With us, you can always expect reliable service and knowledgeable staff to help you make the right decisions for your land. 

But when you order your quality seed from us, the care and maintenance don’t stop there. 

We ensure complete care for your land by offering top-quality erosion control seeds and proven plant aids to improve growth and strength – so what are you waiting for? We’ll help you start your seeding journey today. 


Contact us our experts are available to help with your reclamation, erosion control, turf and native seed projects.