Grass Seed, Meadow Lawn Blend

Can You Use a Meadow Lawn Blend for Your Yard?


When it comes to lawn care, there are a dozen things that could go wrong, like drought, pests, flooding, excess sunlight—or just plain stubbornness. If this sounds like the experience you have with your own lawn, then you’re not alone: Thousands of Americans struggle with keeping up with their yards, collectively spending over $308 billion […]


How to Select an Alfalfa Variety


Also known as the “Queen of Forages,” alfalfa is the fourth-leading crop in the United States. Coming in behind corn, wheat, soybeans, and cotton, alfalfa is extremely popular thanks to its high-yielding capabilities, excellent establishment, and pest-resistance. But this should all be taken with a grain of salt: Not every alfalfa variety can produce at […]

Nitrogen Fixation, Native Legumes

Native Legumes and Nitrogen Fixers to Plant in 2020


As food demand grows, progress in nitrogen-fixation could not only lead us to more productive plants with higher yields, they can also eventually eliminate chemical fertilizers. This is good news for an already-strained ecosystem that is seeing the effects of the overuse of chemical fertilizers. This includes fertilizer runoff pollution, algal blooms, marine life suffocation, […]

Reclamation, Revegetation, Erosion Control

How to Stop a Ditch From Eroding


Open drainage ditches are a long-standing, reliable, and natural method of draining and diverting water from low-lying areas or the sides of roads. Ditches can also help to channel water from distant sources towards fields for more innovative plant irrigation. However, there are many cases where ditches are left unmaintained on a piece of property […]


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