Seed Establishment & Planting Aid Products


Seed Establishment / Planting Aids

Granite Seed offers an assortment of high-quality organic fertilizers, mycorrhizal inoculants, and related products to assist with seed establishment, erosion and stabilization.

Even with the best seeds and stellar protective measures, you may find that the ground is difficult to work. To make your life easier, we provide seed establishment tools and planting aids. As one of our most popular products, our range of fertilizers will top anything, you find at other seed companies. Using adjuncts and ingredients that’ll work alongside the seeds you’re growing and the land you’re working with, they’ll accelerate growth processes, helping you to speed up your project.
If you want to make sure your seeds remain uniform rather than distributing themselves unevenly across the land, then try our range of rice hulls. Using high-grade products that are popular amongst governments worldwide, our rice hulls increase the seeds’ bulk, preventing gentler items from suffering under challenging conditions.
If you’re attempting to enhance the stability of nearby soils by using rapidly germinating seeds, you may want to take measures to protect slower growing species. Using QuickGuard, you can protect native species that are in the presence of faster growing breeds, the natural way. Additionally, you can turn to us for biotic soils that act as a cost-effective alternative to topsoil when you’re trying to grow in difficult environments.
Finally, if you want to simulate an environment where your plants will bloom, come to us for mycorrhizal inoculum. As a substance that mimics the roots of plants, it will encourage your favorite species to grow.
Whatever your redevelopment needs, let us become your seed company of choice. Whether you need habitat restoration or natural grass seeds, we’re happy to help.

Seed Establishment and Planting Aid Products:


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