Excel Fibermulch II

Excel Fibermulch II is made from all natural, Aspen wood fibers (no blending of unknown outside materials). Excel Fibermulch II provides an organic cover to protect seeds, enhance germination, and hasten revegetation when mixed with water and applied with hydraulic mulching equipment. Excel Fibermulch II fibers are a nutrient from nature that add organic nourishment to the soil. It is a free-flowing product that allows for a uniform mix, which creates a “blanket-like” effect to aid in the germination process. Excel Fibermulch II is available with optional Dri-Water Hydro Mix Tackifier and/or green tracer dye.

  • Highway slopes and medians
  • Residential, commercial, & industrial development
  • Available in 50 lb polyethylene bags and is palletized for applicator convenience.
Product Attributes:



Excel Fibermulch II PD.pdf
Excel Fibermulch II Spec.pdf

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