Recyclex TRM-V

Recyclex is the first permanent turf reinforcement mat (TRM) with fibers made from 100% recycled post-consumer goods – which include green and brown bottles. That’s right, there are approximately 20 bottles in every pound of Recyclex TRMs. Recyclex is made with fibers derived from 100% post-consumer recycled materials with 80% or more 5 inches in length or greater.

The fibers are crimped to allow a strong, curled, interlocking fiber matrix. Our crimped fibers conform to terrain details and train water flow to follow the Recyclex curled fiber matrix. In turn, water flow velocity is reduced. Recyclex fibers have a specific gravity of greater than one, meaning the matrix will not float in a hydraulic event. Recyclex fibers are stitched together by two strong layers of UV resistant polypropylene netting to form a three-dimensional matrix that is designed to provide permanent surface support for vegetation and structural root systems. Recyclex can be installed as an erosion control blanket by placing it over grass seed and topsoil or it can be soil filled and seeding to allow a structural root system to grow directly into the permanent turf reinforcement matting.

Recyclex TRM-V was engineered to provide a solution for low to medium flow channels and slopes that require permanent vegetation reinforcement. Recyclex TRM-V retains many of the same great properties of Recyclex TRM.To view the manufacturer specifications click here.

Product Attributes:
  • Fiber:Made with fibers derived from 100% post-cosumer recycled materials with 80% or more 5 inches in length or greater.
  • Fiber Content:100% recycled post-consumer goods
  • Length:112.5 ft. (34.3 m)
  • Roll Sizes:8 ft. – 100 sq. yds. (83.6 sq. m)
  • Roll Sizes:16 ft. – 200 sq. yds. (167.2 sq. m)
  • Mass per Area:0.50 lb./sq. yd. (0.27 kg/sq. m)
  • Functional Longevity:Permanent
  • Weed Seeds:none
  • Slopes:Unlimited gradient, but relative to geotechnical review
  • Channel Flow:Up to 16 ft/s
  • Shear Stress:Up to 8 lb./sq. ft. (384 Pa)
  • Netting Options:Polypropylene heavy duty black
  • Color:Green or Brown
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