M-BINDER & M-BINDER HI-SWELL Ecology Controls M-Binder Mulch Tackifier-Soil Stabilizer

Ecology Controls M-Binder Mulch Tackifier-Soil Stabilizer

What Is Ecology Controls M-Binder?

Ecology controls M-Binder is composed of the finely ground outer coating of a seed. Nature has designed this protective coating to perpetuate this particular species. The plant produces a seed head which eventually drops to the ground. Moisture dampens the muciloid outer coating enough to fasten or stick the seed to the ground until germination starts.

Ecology Controls has selected this particular material for use as a tackifier in hydroseeding after many years of research.

Ecology Controls M-Binder utilizes the natural property of the muciloid coating for the exact purpose nature intended: to bind seed and soil together until germination and growth begin.

Shipping Information:

Packed in 50 lb. polywoven-lined paper bags with loading instructions on the bag. All palletized shipments shrink wrapped and banded (2000 lbs./pallet).

M-Binder 80-200 lbs. Protein content 1.62
Water as required for slurry flow Ash content 2.70
Wood or Paper Fiber as specified Fiber 4.00
Seed as specified PH of 1% solution 6.80
*Rates vary depending on job site-consult your Ecology Controls supplier for your specific needs. Settleable Solids 5.00

Typical Specifications:

Wood Fiber shall be derived from Hemlock, Aspen or Alder chips dyed green in 50 lb. bales. Applied at the rate of 1,000 to 2,000 lbs. per acre.

Soil Stabilizer shall be Ecology Controls M-Binder applied at the rate of 40 to 160 lbs. per acre. Add slowly to avoid lumping.

Fertilizer shall be as specified by architect, agency, or argronomist knowledgeable of existing soil conditions. Generally between 400 and 800 lbs. per acre.

Seed shall be of commercial quality and of the best standard of purity available and shall be free of noxious weeds. The weights of the various materials to be used in the slurry shall be determined from marked weights per sack and sack count or by weighing on approved scales.

Mixing: The slurry shall be prepared by mixing mulch, seed, fertilizer, Ecology Controls M-Binder and water in the mixer in the proper proportions specified. The materials shall be loaded into the mixer and mixed in such sequence as to provide a thoroughly mixed, homogeneous slurry. The slurry shall have the proper consistency to adhere to the earth slopes without lumping or running.

M-Binder Hi-Swell

Has 3x the Tacking Power of normal M-Binder.
Product Attributes:
Features: COST EFFECTIVE – increases plant density and seed retention
Features: IMPROVES – slurry suspension and slurry flow
Features: DURABLE – forms a firm, resilient, rewettable membrane which fastens seed to soil surface
Features: EASY – to handle, easy to apply and easy to cleanup
Features: VERSATILE – used for Dust Abatement, Hydroseeding, Straw and Fiber Tackifying
Features: SAFE – all organic-non-toxic, non-corrosive for animals and plant material
Usage: cology Controls M-Binder may be applied as a dry powder or as a wet slurry to dry or wet surfaces. It does not require set-up or
Proven Results: In a test of seven stabilizers by University of California at Davis (Agronomy progress report #49, Ag Experiment Station) Ecolog

M-Binder Certification.pdf

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