HydroStraw All-in-1


HydroStraw® All In 1 addresses the biological, chemical, and physical requirements for stabilizing and restoring vegetation on disturbed soil sites, as well as controlling erosion during vegetation establishment.

HydroStraw® All In 1 consists of heat and mechanically treated wheatstraw fibers which are environmentally safe, biodegradable and producedfrom annually renewable materials combined with a non-toxicbrown colorant as an application aid. The porous matrix of the wheat strawencourages water infiltration, enabling the new seedlings to easily passthru the matrix. The combination of the wheat straw fibers together withour cross-linked high strength polymer binders provides effective erosionprevention and increased vegetation establishment.

t.HydroStraw® All In 1 includes all the benefits of our HydroStraw BFM plus25% micronized natural fertilizers, biological inoculants and soil amendmentswhich provide slow release balanced nutrients for the new vegetationand promote the growth of soil microbes.

The biological inoculant system includes beneficial microbes andmycorrhizae fungi that increase the surface absorbing area of the roots100 to 1,000 times. Beneficial bacteria are also added to jump startthe microbial activity of the soil, as these microbes help the seedlingsmore efficiently absorb nutrients. Some of these bacteria help to releasenitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, and trace elements from soil organicmatter, while others break down soil minerals and release potassium,phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron. Still other bacterial speciesmake and release natural plant growth hormones, which stimulateroot growth. Even though microbes are invisible to the naked eye theireffects are far reaching as it relates to restoring soil health.

HydroStraw® All In 1 requires no additional infield mixing, resulting in amore accurately mixed slurry and compliance to application specifications.


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