Sustane 18-1-8 Iron

®18-1-8 plus Iron is a two-part blend with five-way release of nitrogen for fairways, roughs, lawns, and sports fields. The most economical coverage of any organic based fertilizer. 12 – 16 week release rates.

Granulated Slow releaSe nitro Gen Fertilizer
  • Suståne 18-1-8+Fe is the longest lasting slow release nitrogen fertilizer made by Suståne.
  • Combines 4 different forms of nitrogen: 3 types of slow release including Suståne organic N, PCSCU, methylene urea and 1 form of quick release nitrogen from ammonium sulfate
  • 11% (60% of total N) is slow release nitrogen
  • 18-1-8+Fe is extremely safe and will not burn or discolor turfgrass
  • Uniform particle size allows for even application
  • Long lasting Suståne 18-1-8+Fe provides steady, slow growth with excellent color for up to four months
  • Also used as top dress fertilizer for carry over nutrition in containerized nursery plants and perennial shrub beds (Please see recommended application rates in the Suståne Natural Base Fertilizers for Nursery, Greenhouse & Landscape technical brochure.)


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