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Regional Wildflower Mixes

Wildflower blends create attractive clusters of changing colors throughout the growing season, while also providing essential food and nesting habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators. Granite Seed provides a large selection of premixed wildflower blends for use in ornamental landscaping and naturalized areas. Each blend is specifically designed to be adaptable to a wide range of conditions within its geographic region, with emphasis on native species and a balanced percentage of annuals and perennials, while containing absolutely no inert fillers. We also provide blends intended to satisfy the functional needs of unique sites and projects— considering height, shade tolerance and lifespan—while remaining well-adapted to most regions of the United States. Wildflower blends may be used in prepared beds or mixed with short ornamental grasses to create flowering meadow areas. Mixes may change slightly from time to time due to availability.


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