Need for erosion control

A devastating forest fire in Arizona during the summer of 2002 resulted in the largest order of seed in the history of the reclamation seed industry. Nearly half a million acres burned with a fire hot enough to leave much of the soil sterile and at perilous risk of erosion. Five million pounds of seed had to be mixed, shipped and seeded onto the forest within only 21 days. 100 trucks and six airplanes were engaged to move and distribute the massive quantity of seed. Granite Seed is very proud of the coordination and team effort that made such a remarkable feat of revegetation possible.

With the right mix of erosion control methods and reseeding native plants, burn areas can return to beautiful productive habitat.

Erosion control is an integral part of most seeding projects and is the desired end result in many cases. The erosion control industry has grown dramatically in the past years and includes many innovative products and methods to reduce the impact of excessive erosion. Soft-armor products have been developed as a more economical and aesthetically pleasing alternative to block, rock or concrete for erosion control. Bonded fiber matrix has been formulated to supplement natural blankets on steep slope applications. Sterile plant species have been developed to germinate quickly and then give way to more desirable species.


USDA announces $40 million available to help ranchers restore sage grouse habitat. Click here to be taken to the USDA’s webpage for more information.

Attention Private Landowners! Usda Makes Funds Available For Sage Grouse Habitat Restoration


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