Wildflower Seeds and Forbs

Wildflowers and Forbs

Granite Seed provides a large and diverse selection of wildflower and forb species for native habitat restoration, reclamation, landscaping and beautification. We farm-produce and wildland-harvest many of the seeds offered here, ensuring reliable supplies of the highest quality wildflower seed for any project or location. We frequently carry new species, local collections and varieties.

What is a Forb?


Simply put, a forb is a broadleaf plant.  Forbs are different from grasses in that grasses have narrow leaves.  Many forbs are highly sought after for their beautiful wildflowers. Broadleaf plants greatly increase the species biodiversity of wild landscapes, providing essential food and habitat for beneficial insects, vital pollinators and all types of wildlife.


Regional Wildflowers

We have created 12 regions of the United States that have similar growing conditions.  We strongly suggest locating your closest region and then looking at what wildflower seeds will grow in that area.  We offer wildflower seeds for almost all regions of the U.S.

Many people ask us about how to plant wildflower seeds.  There is no one single answer.  Some wildflower seeds can be broadcast on top of a freshly prepared soil bed.  Other wildflower seeds do better being buried ¼ of an inch below the soil.  Some wildflower seeds have a dormancy that needs to be broken by freezing or soaking the seeds in water.  Feel free to contact our reps for detailed instructions for the wildflower seeds you purchase for your specific region.


Wildflower Seeds Featured on Granite Seed

Granite Seed carries a wide selection of wildflower seeds.  When looking for wildflower seeds for your project, the first step is to identify the geographic location of your site.  Then we can offer you wildflower seeds that are appropriate to your specific site.

There are a handful of wildflower seeds that will grow anywhere in the United States.  However, the majority of wildflower seeds sold by Granite Seed are very specific to the geographic location.  We have included a map for each wildflower seed that shows its approximate locations of where the wildflower seed will grow.

If you don’t find what you need listed below, please contact us.


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